The official Streamwise D.I.™ app

The Streamwise D.I.™ evidence-based decision intelligence and enhanced automation is now available on smart devices.

Digitize your wastewater to monitor and learn

Set the Streamwise D.I.™ app up at your site to identify realtime chemical volume, pH level data, chemical use and performance objectives.

Real time notifications and alarms

Enable notifications on your device to receive alarms and comments from your site, or navigate to the alarms tab to view at any time.

Available now

On Android and iOS.

Why Streamwise D.I.™ is better

Save on trade waste
penalties & surcharges

Save on overall
operating costs

Save on operator
oversight & reduce risk

Save on chemical and
energy costs

Customer success

These clients use the Streamwise D.I.™ app at their site.

Wastewater in meat processing

Wastewater in dairy processing

Wastewater in cereal processing