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By combining our deep expertise in wastewater with the power of AI, we deliver enhanced automation and evidence-based decision intelligence to achieve optimal outcomes at your site.


Agriculture is a major producer of wastewater, particularly in intensive beef, pork, chicken and fish production. As environmental discharge standards are constantly tightening, producers are seeking innovative and cost-effective ways to process their wastewater.

Light Industrial

Wastewater generated from light industrial producers such as food and beverage processors, is often high in contaminants, making it difficult and costly to manage. With full visibility of your plant, you can improve wastewater treatment and save on chemical and trade waste costs.

Heavy Industrial

To meet specific site requirements and trade waste agreements, many heavy industrial wastewater producers need evident-based decision intelligence and enhanced automation to boost plant efficiencies and lower costs.

Mining & Mineral Processing

Companies in the mining and mineral processing industry have a responsibility to minimize their impact on the environment. By collecting accurate, secure and real-time data on contaminants ensures better quality wastewater is returned to our environment.


By deploying AI and machine learning across their network, utilities can access real-time information from their customer base upstream, to better manage and optimize their processes downstream at their plant.

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